The Real Issue

I hear it time and time again and see it all too often.  Unfortunately, the problem isn’t just a real estate industry problem.  It happens every day in every single office, workplace, café, restaurant industry and business.  It’s a very simple little thing that goes a long way.  Have you worked out what I’m talking about? Care factor!

Ever wanted to meet Orlando Bloom?

A man came in just as they were closing the store. Out of breath, he explained that the airline had lost his son’s luggage. Would it be possible for him to bring his son into the store in 20 minutes, as he really needed a suit for the evening?

The salesman readily agreed to stay back to help. 20 minutes later, he met Orlando Bloom.

In this true story, a salesperson at a suit store in Brisbane needed no prompting to offer his assistance – going the extra mile is in his DNA.

Unfortunately, many people in all industries fail to have the same approach. They’d shut the door right on closing, refusing the man’s request, never knowing they’d just missed out on an extraordinary (and profitable) experience.

The little thing that goes a long way is a genuine caring nature.  The suit salesman “cared” and look what happened.  99 times out of 100 you aren’t going to meet Orlando Bloom however, the next sale and the next dollar could be right there.  But it’s not always about the next sale or dollar, it’s about the relationship.  Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded and the customer won’t forget!

The world would be a much better place to live in if everyone we met “cared”.

Caring is highly underrated. Never forget that extraordinary comes from the simple and easy things.

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Posted by Trent Neven